There is no substitute for a combined 40 years' experience mastering the complexities and idiosyncracies of all types of wallcoverings. The Precisionists' portfolio ranges from delicate hand-printed wallpapers to linen and silk texiles, foils, pewters, metallics and intricate Victorian ceilings by Bradbury & Bradbury. We have mastered the range of products available to the trade.

The Precisionists' work meets the highest standards for reliability, timeliness, and concern for the needs of individual clients.

Meeting the needs of each client with equal consideration and zeal has brought us to our current level of craftsmanship. This philosophy of service continues to be the foundation of our work.

Bringing the same ideals and craft to creative painting and wood molding installation, we meet clients' needs for room transformation.

We bring refined communication skills and the ability to innovate and visualize solutions to complex creative situations, working as a team with others on a project.

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